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Our Location
Category Five Technologies, INC.
39201 Schoolcraft Road
STE B7, B8, B12
Livonia, MI
Ph: 888-503-7937 | Fax: 734-943-5906 | Email:

Our Story

MRDIndustrial is owned and operated by Category Five Technologies, INC., a family owned company specializing in providing elite shopping experiences with elite customer service. Our first niche market specialty store was, which has become an industry leader in all major brands of hand dryers such as the Excel Dryer Xlerator, Dyson Airblade, American Dryer ExtremeAir, World Dryer and much more along with over 2500 restroom accessories. By 2013, our annual sales blew past 8 million.

Some of our other stores include ProDrinkingFountains and ProFloorMachines where we specialize in drinking fountain and floor machine brands such as Elkay, Haws, Oasis, Sunroc, Clarke, Betco, Sandia, Mercury and more. It was only natural for us to look to expand well beyond our niche markets which is why we built There's a void in the industrial marketplace. Most of the Industrial supply companies available online offer less than tolerable shopping experiences. They have become so large that customer service may not measure up to what shoppers expect. It may take several minutes to reach a human. Navigating the mess of products can be a task in itself. But not at We have taken careful consideration into our long-term growth and our navigation is simple and user-friendly and will continue to maintain simplicity while our inventory expands for years to come. At Category Five Technologies, the same teams handle all of our calls from all of our sales channels and stores. We are more than happy to answer your questions. We are experts on many products. In some cases our customer service team may need to do some leg work and follow up quickly with an answer. Regardless, customer service is where we excel.

Our Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are extremely difficult to come by. Customers tend to leave them if they are extremely happy or extremely unhappy. We have maintained a very high review rating at We are an A+ BBB Accredited business. Trust is something we understand as one of the strongest bonds between a buyer and a supplier. Please scroll though the reviews below or click on the review link below to go directly to our review page and research us. As a buyer, that's exactly what we would do, and it's what we hope you will do as well. We'd like to earn your trust and earn your business relationship for life, not just one sale.

Purchase your Industrial and Commercial Supplies from a trusted business